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American 3B Scientific - W30690 - Laboratory Microscope BS-200

American 3B Scientific:
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Laboratory Microscope BS-200 - Each
Laboratory Microscope BS-200 - Each
More Information
Manufacturer American 3B Scientific
Categories Lab Equipment, Microscope
Code W30690
Sold By Each
Require Prescription? No
Store Acculab Supplies|Stomabags|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.7 from 1 - 5
49 Review
marlosixecho Review from
September 29, 2021
The single best thing I have ever purchased
No joke this is probably the single greatest value for money item I have ever purchased. For a modest price you get a portal to see an endless number of bizarre and sublime alien worlds. Nothing to complain about the scope. it is pretty bulky but in a way that makes it feel stable and strong. The controls are easy to use. It feels and looks like a professional microscope you would find in a lab, and the quality of images doesn't fall short. The high magnification lenses will reveal the smallest details it is even possible to see with visible light. The camera is garbage, I only used it once an
brittgardner3006 Review from
June 12, 2020
Solid, Budget-Friendly Volume Solution
So, this little box does exactly what the maker says it does. My amp already has a master volume, but at neighbor-friendly levels, it was still a little "touchy." This little volume box cleared that right up. I can set it a bit louder than optimum, then dial back to where I want it, no trouble. So what is it, exactly? It's two good quality jacks with two wires and an Alpha audio taper pot in between them. That's the whole story. There's nothing else to be said, and there really doesn't need to be. If there's anything that could be done better at all, it could have a one-inch pot for better lon
icelaker2424 Review from
December 21, 2019
good for novice at microscopy
I care for injured and orphaned hedgehogs and need to check for internal parasites in their faeces. I am a total novice at microscopy. But found this model extremely easy to set up. Its construction is very solid and stable and aesthetically pleasing. I have looked through monocular and binocular microscopes and find the latter far easier to use and well worth the extra money. The magnification is amazing and it opens up a whole new world! To identify a wriggling worm (Lung worm larva) is amazing and treating the hedgehog concerned is very rewarding. I do find the macro focus rather stiff whic
jimgreen1999 Review from
November 17, 2019
highly recommend microscope
I have to say that this is a very impressive microscope for this price range. Nowhere else have Ive managed to find a brand new binocular, quad turreted microscope, so when I saw this, it instantly caught my attention. Its a very eye catching, modern looking microscope, unlike many others at this price range that look a bit dated, not that this is the most important thing about a microscope, but its a nice bonus. But now to the important thing....... the optical quality is extremely impressive, Im very pleased with the sharp, Crystal clear visuals when I look through the eyepieces. I havent tr
skitron Review from
January 3, 2019
Nice bang for the buck
Nice bang for the buck. My guess is that this beats anything on the used market at a similar price point plus this has 5yr warranty and a return policy if needed. Of course the "2500X" claim has to be taken with a grain of salt on *any* microscope with Achromat optics due to the physics of diffraction, but at 1000X where diffraction limitations haven't been breached this scope produces nice images with either the 40X objective - 25X eyepiece or the 100X objective - 10X eyepiece. Since these optics are not PLAN, the outer portion of the circle has a different focus point than the inner portion.
sea9376 Review from
November 6, 2019
Good Buy.
This is not at all like my $5000 Olympus dual head microscope that I use in my work as a pathologist and I would not expect it to be. For the money, it is a decent teaching microscope. The objectives and ocular lenses are of good enough quality so that what is seen through the scope is decent with good resolution with the 40x objective. I did not try the oil immersion. The condenser is not bad, with little to no artifact at the edges or tissue refraction artifact. The light through the condenser is slightly off center, with no way to adjust this as far as I can tell. The light is ok, would be
weegieb Review from
June 21, 2017
Impressed but not perfect
Just unboxed and used for a few hrs. The microscope comes packed well and for the price optics and build are very good. I had no problem seeing several prepared slides and easily was able to view stained paramecium prepared slides. Using different combinations of objectives. I could make out cilia, and internal organelles. I have no idea what they exactly are but i can see circular possibly chloroplasts inside the protozoa. I have not tried using the oil lens yet. I guess i have two complaints. The objectives do not come in a plastic container for clean dust free storage. They are wrapped in a
anakondakids Review from
December 22, 2016
Amazing for the price!! So happy with my super affordable, beautiful self-gift :
Like others have said: I, too, was surprised with the quality of this microscope! I am a total amateur, so - I am having problems focusing on anything using the 100x objective or higher - but that is my own fault: still learning. The other objectives 10x 40x - is crystal clear! Even without any staining process. (I suggest buying staining kit - that is next on my list!) and some cover slips - so that you don't get your objective lenses populated with unwanted guests! Overall, it is a gorgeous equipment! Thank you for the super affordable for the quality! It comes with a power cord; so - no nee
richpenc Review from
January 30, 2019
Great value and quality in a real microscope, not a toy
This scope has decent optics, excellent for the price. It is solid, and of metal construction. Being a binocular scope, there is less eye fatigue when using over a long period of time. The integrated stage makes it easy to position slides and specimens for view. An LED light source, included, allows one to use the scope in nearly any environment. A great value for what looks to be a well made product. It could be a little more compact and lightweight, but overall an excellent value and high quality, even though it is made in China. I use it (bought 2) for basic biology and microbiology studies
microsphere Review from
June 5, 2017
cheap plastic construction
Microscope arrived with its plastic fuse holder broken off from its plastic base board. A very bad smelling oily compound was applied over the stage surface and moving parts, dont know if its safe to inhale, perhaps not. Had to air the microscope outside overnight and then I wiped the surfaces as much as I could with a cleaner solution. Immediately contacted the seller with the pictures of the broken fuse holder. They decided to send me a base instead of the whole microscope, I was asked to change the base and send the defected base back. It was an easy change out, but may not be for everyone.
mark_travis8r5m Review from
May 25, 2016
Better than expected.
I was pleasantly surprised to see the clarity of the images even at higher magnifications (Note: A 3D object won't be in focus throughout, but on a 2D plane, such as a calibration slide, the image is quite sharp). I usually use the 25X eyepiece, so I can see up to 1000X, without using oil, when I switch to the 40X objective (25 X 40 = 1000). Of course, you get much better resolution (clarity) when you use the oil objective (use the 100X objective only with oil), but for what I am doing it is seldom needed. Just make sure you always start with the 4X objective; focus with the coarse adjustment,
minutegym Review from
May 31, 2018
Careful with the Objective Lenses!
I absolutely adore the idea of being able to look at microorganisms, plants, or even salt crystals at the comfort of your home! This not only gets rid of having to be in a biology lab or a science class (for those in school), it also makes researching things that you love easier at the comfort of your own home! However, I would highly advise to be careful when using the 1000x and even the 100x objective lenses as they can get extremely close to a slide. As a safety precaution I would recommend that you get your specimen in the field of view, zoom out, switch lenses and then continue zooming in
scullyuma Review from
May 10, 2016
Best value available
I have always used the traditionally acknowledged best microscopes, working in large laboratories where Olympus / Nikon etc are used. This was the first AmScope I have used, as now I am doing my own research (no government grants for me at the moment) and very impressed with the value for money, and this model is the lower end of the range available. Edge of view distortion is minimal. Quality of build is good. There is a range of accessories that are in the AmScope range that are designed to fit models already owned (eg, digital cameras). The range goes from student to professional. Once upon
neuromark Review from
August 2, 2016
Beginners Winner
I bought this microscope for my 8 yr old daughter because she is a science wizard. She wanted one she saw at 'Toys R Us', but in reality it was a toy and the optics were terrible. I purchased the AmScope B100B and it came with a full set of already prepared slides. That made the deal. The slides alone were worth the extra money I paid for the microscope. It came with the usual 4x, 10x, 40x, and an oil emersion lens. This microscope rivals any I have seen in the schools and now my daughter can bring homework to school and teach her peers. She will be able to use this microscope into high school
dibubba Review from
August 9, 2018
A teeny little GEM!
Do I recommend this? Heck, yeah. I play a Blues Deluxe Reissue, 40W. I have never had that amp over "0.9" on the volume knob, and it's still too loud. Car's box fixed that, in less than 30 seconds. It it a Good Value? Heck, yeah. My bandmates kissed me. Is it enjoyable? Heck yeah. While I don't enjoy slobbery mooches from my bandmates, it was gratifying and enjoyable to have spent a scant $25 on something that made them so happy. By the way, ZERO change to the amp's tone or responsiveness, unlike "Power Soaks" I've tried. If you're always too loud, spend $25, and you won't regret a penny.
cj_rincon03 Review from
November 21, 2018
Carls volume box !
Its great ! Simple ! Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue . Off to loud in fraction of a turn. I bought this because of the review from another fellow with a BDRI. He was spot on ! At home I used to attempt to run it half way between 1-2 on volume . If the wind blew wrong it was too loud . Plug this volume box into preamp in/out . Turn the amp up to 5-6-7 or so , start with the volume box at minimum . Set guitar knob to 10. Play a chord and dial in the Carls box to your desired level. Makes the volume much more user friendly . I recommend !
bsdpm2895 Review from
January 15, 2018
Amscope B020C-Great Beginner Microscope
This is an excellent introductory microscope. It is sturdy and formidable. The lenses work well and it is relatively easy to use. My 6 year old granddaughter loves it but it took a while to teach her how to use it properly. I highly recommend this microscope for children (with adult supervision) and for young adults. Thank you Amscope for a great product! bsdpm2895
rodnesno1 Review from
November 24, 2020
Good Buy
For the price it is a good one. It has a manual stage that is acceptable and a lenes work. There are some "dust" that I have had a problem removing. The only problem is that the two eye pieces ar of different sizes (length) so you can not use it as binoccular. I will get one to match or get a set.
mrichardsdvm Review from
May 14, 2018
Not a Nikon but pretty close
We have had an Olympus and Nikon microscope at our practice but this time we decided to spend less. We held our breath while awaiting the AmScope microscope since the price was low enough it could have been a plastic nightmare. Instead it is a good quality scope with good optical components -- not quite as good as our Nikon, but definitely acceptable. This would be a good second microscope for any practice trying to avoid using their histopathology microscope for general work. Review from
August 7, 2017
These are the first impressions of this microscope
Microscope quality is quite low. The ocular base, which can be rotated 380 degrees, also shaking vertically and horizontally. The resolution for large magnifications is low. Also, at large magnifications, you can see the tiny dust that gets on the optic path between the eyepiece and the achromatic goals of a microscope. Of course, it's hard to find better in this price range.
awonderwallace Review from
September 21, 2017
Overall satisfied
I am still learning about my new microscope but it is a very neat tool, to use to learn about science and how things were created for a purpose. The scope is very good quality and easy to operate. It is worth looking into buying one if you are into that sort of thing or for a school project. You won't be disappointed. The lens are easy to turn and eye piece lens are simple to insert. It's turn out to be a calming hobby for myself!
juskrey Review from
October 18, 2016
Excellent professional microscope
Not much to add to previous reviews - the microscope is fantastic for the price. Mechanic and optics are of excellent quality. The body, as someone writes here, is not plastic - chassis are pressed from metal alloy powder with only some cover parts being plastic. The absence of the third tube and standard (crappy) camera can be compensated with $15 camera adapter from ali and good camera you probably already have. For dark field, google for $5 how-to recipes.
denniwar_1 Review from
April 29, 2020
Good lenses easy to operate.
This microscope is good value for the money ideal for students well made high magnification and used with the digital camera the results on computer are very good with all four object lenses. The led lighting can be adjusted to view the slides and the object tray has a very fine adjustment A well made quality microscope.
zedomgjon_0 Review from
August 2, 2016
I would recomend this microscope to any highschoolers with a major in biolagy, medical school, ecolagy,etc. I wouldnt recemmond it for kids, because it is very advanced. Pro's: has great clarity for image, widefeild image, fine ajustmebt knob, 3d stage. Con's: not a metal frame...plastic. and that would be it, every thing else is just perfect. DOESN'T COME WITH SLIDES, ONLY OIL IMMERSIAN.
arautoartes6 Review from
June 7, 2017
Amazing and charmed Amscope microscope
Thank you very much for the Amscope 40x-2500x microscope,it's great and nice ,highy quality and good precision,it's amazing for the price . I was very surprise and charmed when I opened the microscope boxe,I won't never imagine that I'll come across with a sentational microscope. My congratulations and I wish you (Precision world) many and good sales around the world! --Evandro/Simone --So Paulo--Brazil.
Paul Review from
November 26, 2020
Grandson LOVES this Microscope
This is a Christmas Gift to my 11 year old Grandson - He has a friend, who has this Microscope and it is all he talks about - So, it must be great! Can't wait to see him open it up on Christmas. . . . .Will comment further after he uses it several times.
morttheastronomer Review from
November 14, 2017
the inner world
over the moon with ths machine. How much better can a mic. costing 20x as much Incredible optics--well put together- great price--delivery exactly as stated.May get another for my daughter;She loves all this stuff.. HOW CAN HEY GIVE YOU ALL THIS FOR THIS AMOUNT OF MONEY.. Good luck for the future-you all deserve it. regards--Garreth
yfiosca.lekus Review from
May 15, 2018
OK and cheap microscope
The microscope is useful for taking picture to present in a general sesion (I'm a pathology resident). Easy to take photos with your cell phone. Its kind of blurry around the edges of the eyepiece. The position of the condensator must be adjusted with allen keys, that's a down side. But overall, it's good for what it's meant for.
vmn551 Review from
October 24, 2017
Excellent product for a great price.
This is a great microscope for the price. I had no issues setting it up and getting is fired up for use right out of the box. It even comes with a small bottle of immersion oil for the 250x lens. Note that the depth of field is not excellent with higher magnifications but still quite incredible.
jlb413 Review from
December 28, 2017
Very happy 11 year old
My daughter is convinced she wants to be a microbiologist. I bought her a childs microscope last year and it didnt give her the detail she wanted so we upgraded this year. This was such a great price. It came on time. It was in perfectly new condition. We are just thrilled.
horstville Review from
November 27, 2020
Affordable and effective.
Using this for Fungal Microscopy and seems to be more than adequate. Didn't come with a reticle eyepiece, or stage micrometer.. Aside from that, this comes with about all I needed.
robjinla Review from
January 30, 2018
A very good microscope for the price. Excellent quality. Good for a student or p
Well worth the money. One of the best beginner or advanced microscopes on the market. Ready to use right out of the box. Can purchase additional item for the advanced user.
pugga.pugga Review from
September 19, 2018
Was sceptical buying a microscope online but this is amazing! Such good quality for the price! I think Ill buy another! Perfect for Kohler/bright field microscopy. Includes extra ocular lenses, immersion oil and spare bulb.
ploughb-49 Review from
May 19, 2021
Good for the money
I bought this one for my partner she is very happy with it. We both think it could do with better information on setting it up but if you stick with it you can figure it out.
standupscardina Review from
March 26, 2019
Mind blowing!
This microscope has exceeded all expectations by leaps and bounds. Considering how much I paid for this microscope, the image quality is off the charts. I cant believe a microscope in this price range can perform so well. WORTH. EVERY. CENT.
pa-cman Review from
March 24, 2016
Works perfectly for almost any need.
I needed a simple microscope to view slides occasionally in the clinic. I didn't need anything huge or fancy or complicated. I decided to give this a try based on the reviews and am very pleased with the product. For a classroom or basic work in a clinic or lab this does a great job. The price is very reasonable and it just works
monsterjazzlicks Review from
January 13, 2019
RE: Splendid And Professional Service.
Hi folks, Don't buy cheap imitation rubbish; buy Carl's self-made models instead! Definately worth paying the extra bucks for. Works great with my Fender Rhodes and Render DeVille amp! Best, Paul David Seaman (UK)
kalleidoskop Review from
February 8, 2016
Amazing stuff
This is a quality product at a fantastic price. I first bought a microscope here in Swede in roughly the same price range. I returned that one the next day and went for this one instead and I'm very pleased with that decision! Every bit of it has a feel of quality and precision to it. I could play with this for hours on end and I'm not even that in to biology (bought it for my so), its just that good!
mqleb Review from
June 8, 2016
Good value, nice quality.
Very reasonably prices entry level microscope. It has all the functions that a beginner will need, and does a good job, too. The factory after sale service is prompt and very helpful, any part goes wrong with the microscope within the warranty period will be fixed or replaced very quickly. Highly recommended, and very happy with the purchase.
shasha_duy4mpo Review from
June 28, 2016
I have only just begun to fully explore the capabilities of my scope, but so far I'm impressed. The quality is far better than I had anticipated and the capability is more than sufficient for my needs. I worked for most of my career in optics. I have used microscopes that cost 10 times as much as this one and the results are so far similar!
dvm78 Review from
August 19, 2020
Junior microscope.
This microscope is a 3/4 size version of a normal lab microscope. The focus knobs arent smooth to operate. I should have spent a few dollars more.
fnersch Review from
January 8, 2019
A real bargain.
This is a very good and easy to use microscope for the price. The instrument is very solid in construction. It comes with both 10X &25X eyepiece sets. The internal LED illumination is very easy on the eyes along with the binocular arrangement.
Paul Review from
December 26, 2020
Did not include slides to look at anything. Have to buy them separate. Also, the oil stuff inside leaked all over, luckily most of it stay in the plastic baggy it came in.
yoganandacouk Review from
May 5, 2016
Best for your money
Remember you get what you pay for. This is as good as it gets for the price. If you want higher resolution you will need more expensive objectives. The 25mm eyepieces are too strong for the quality of the objectives supplied for example. If I were buying it again I'd stay with 1000x magnificent.
shvc123 Review from
February 19, 2019
Works great for a Veterinary practice.
So far so good. I decided to try this before investing in a much more expensive microscope, and Ive been very impressed. Even the oil immersion lens works! I think I may have just saved myself almost $1000
bradleydudley123 Review from
April 12, 2017
Eye Spy
I received my microscope today in perfect condition. Very nice mechanical movement which increases the ease in focusing. Overall, this is a lab type microscope. One thing it doesn't com with any slides, so make sure you order some with your order. Thank you.
josepfin65 Review from
January 23, 2018
AmScope Microscope
Very excited about this product. I haven't touched a microscope since college and I was completely at ease using this product within ten minutes. I absolutely recommend it. And the price ? An absolutely great bargain all around.
raymonroc9 Review from
April 18, 2018
Break up
Im able to get break up like Marshalls with a fender. I use pedals but it's sometimes cool to get breakup with or without pedals and you don't have to push it to breakup if you don't want to. Of course I'm sure I'm not getting a Marshall tone extly but it's still cool. It's another cool arsenal to add to a setup.
feuerhunter83 Review from
April 10, 2018
This is a very good microscope for this price.
The most enjoyable magnification is the 1000x because the 25x eyepieces give narrow and darkest picture as the 10x. Perhaps it need a more expensive 15x-30x eyepieces, or a good microscope camera. But it is a very good microscope.
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