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Simport Scientific From: M491-2 To: M491-12 - Biopsy Cassette, Aqua

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Simport Scientific:
M491-2 - M491-12
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M491-10Biopsy Cassette, Lilac, 500/bx, 3 bx/cs3 Box / Case
M491-11Biopsy Cassette, Orange, 500/bx, 3 bx/cs3 Box / Case
M491-12Biopsy Cassette, Aqua, 500/bx, 3 bx/cs3 Box / Case
M491-2Biopsy Cassette, White, 500/bx, 3 bx/cs3 Box / Case
M491-3Biopsy Cassette, Pink, 500/bx, 3 bx/cs3 Box / Case
M491-4Biopsy Cassette, Green, 500/bx, 3 bx/cs3 Box / Case
M491-5Biopsy Cassette, Yellow, 500/bx, 3 bx/cs3 Box / Case
M491-6Biopsy Cassette, Blue, 500/bx, 3 bx/cs3 Box / Case
M491-7Biopsy Cassette, Peach, 500/bx, 3 bx/cs3 Box / Case
M491-8Biopsy Cassette, Tan, 500/bx, 3 bx/cs3 Box / Case
M491-9Biopsy Cassette, Grey, 500/bx, 3 bx/cs3 Box / Case
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Made of acetal polymer. Disposable plastic cassettes with lids similar to Series M490 but specially designed to hold biopsy specimens during the embedding process, as well as in a storage file. Anterior writing area at a 30° angle.
More Information
Manufacturer Simport Scientific
Categories Lab Equipment, Tissue Cassette
Code M491-2 - M491-12
Require Prescription? No
Store Acculab Supplies|Stomabags|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
49 Review
Patrick D Review from
April 23, 2021
sunrace 11-50 cassette
This was a purchase for a friend who had an 11sp (11-42) drivetrain that was wearing out, and wanted to know more about the possibilities without a full drivetrain replacement. I researched and found this cassette would work with their current 11sp rear a Review from
January 17, 2021
Works great with roadlink
I am using this in a 1x10 setup with a 38t front chain ring + deore m591 rear derailleur (long cage) + wolf tooth roadlink and it functions wonderfully (presumably a sunrace derailleur extender would also work in place of the roadlink). I've only tested i
Rob83 Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
December 4, 2016
A good way of expanding gear range
I wanted to improve the low gearing of my bike. I opted to use this cassette together with a long cage mtb rear mech, instead of installing a triple crankset. I found that one of the sprockets didn't slide onto my wheel's freehub body properly, but the re
JustDan Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
February 13, 2021
Good upgrade
Bought along with some other parts to upgrade to a 1x11. The cassette feels well made with a good standard of machining, the black finish is well applied and uniform. There is a little bit of movement on the hub when fitted loose but this goes once the lo
snopak Review from
August 3, 2019
Cassette that does the job... Well!
Although it seems a tad heavier than the big brands, this cassette has everything Im looking for. Since I dont own any 11-36 10 speed cassettes from other brands, I cant confirm SunRace is actually heavier! I purchased this cassette due to its competitive
RikA Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
March 7, 2019
Seems to work fine
I had a 29er setup with a 26T front and 10-42 Sram cassette on the back. The carbon Sram cranks only lasted a just over a year. The soft aluminium axle wore away when the bearing in the Sram PF30 BB seized and then 2 of the bolts holding on the chain ring
64fred Review from
February 10, 2021
Great Value cassette.
Sunrace cassettes are such good value compared to the more well known players (Sram and Shimano), but the quality is still very good. Some people say that the gear change is not quite as good with Sunrace but I can't tell the difference and I have Sram on
George P. Review from
December 24, 2020
Cassette is solid and not noticeably different in quality/solid feel from 105 it replaces. Doesn’t come with the fancy red lockring, just standard black, which may be an issue for some, but still looks good and works smoothly. A good alternative to shiman
SussexRick Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
September 8, 2019
Surprisingly good
I’ve always used Shimano for my MTBs since upgrading to indexed shifting a long time ago. I thought I’d give this a go as a 1x conversion for my 2x XT drivetrain. I was expecting hesitant shifts and also to feel the wide spacing on the lower end of the ra
LDMaughan Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
November 4, 2019
Ok but not on par with Shimano
The MTB I built has a stealth look (all black) so when I saw this cassette in black I had to try it just to benefit the aesthetics of the bike. It was a straight swap for the silver Shimano XT cassette and slight derailleur adjustment was all that was nee
MtLuke Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
September 3, 2016
Decent option without breaking the bank
Was a little hesitant about buying this cluster but decided to take a chance. Was a better option than going back to the aluminum 42 tooth ring from One up, was always suspect of wear rate. Also by the time I paid for a new cluster then did the One up rin
Eugene Review from
August 24, 2019
Loving my new drivetrain
Finally converted my Trek Remedy 8 (2014) from a 3x10 to a 1x12 (I run a 34 tooth chainring up front). This cassette provides pretty much the full range of gears as my old 3x10, though the steps between the gears are obviously a bit higher. Nonetheless, t
Traveler8376 Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
November 30, 2020
Cheap way to get a wider range
Sunrace cassettes offer good value for money, and also easy way to increase the range of your drivetrain. They are very durable, however at some weight penalty. I have used this cassette on both a gravel bike and a hardtail XC bike without hassle.
FlibbertyGibbet Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
August 3, 2016
Don't buy an expander ring - get one of these cassettes!
After making the decision to move to 1x10 on my XC race machine, I was torn between buying a 40T expander ring (and keeping my 11-36 block) or going for a full cassette. I'm glad I took the plunge on the Runrace 11-40. I was initially dubious about making
Jonathan Review from
July 26, 2020
2x10 to 1x10 conversion
Went on a bad habit 27.5 + bike to convert it from 2x to 1x. Got a chain and 34 tooth narrow wide chain ring at same time. It was a successful experiment. I have since gone to a 30 tooth oval up front and plan on a box2 with a better range cassette. Then
Trumpetguy Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
March 19, 2019
A brilliant upgrade for my Trek Checkpoint
This replaced the standard 11-32t cassette, really increasing the versatility of the bike for touring and riding off road. Works brilliantly with the 105 derailleur IF a small derailleur extender is installed, dropping the derailleur a couple of cm. These
Adrian W. Review from
April 12, 2021
Sunrace 12 Speed why not!
Received in a timely manner as do all Pushys orders. The Cassette its self is as I would expect, fitted easily, shifts well most of all its silent. I find the range perfect for the areas I ride (Sunshine Coast Qld). All in all no reason why not to purchas
xXStevenXx Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
March 10, 2019
Gives great range without breaking the bank
I used this to convert an old 3x10 to a 1x10 and it worked a treat. Missing a single cog is barely noticeable compared to my X01 1x11, top speed isn’t that important! I paired it with a blackspire snaggletooth 34 up front using a KMC chain and an old (n
teg_your_it Review from
December 18, 2017
Works great with mods
Awesome cassette!! I love the large gap in the lower gears. I came from an 11-34 cassette and replaced it with this 11-40 one. You might need a longer derailleur or spend some time modding because of the large 40T sprocket that's too large for the stock d
qmpdwb Review from
January 29, 2019
Shifts without a fault with 8spd derailleur
Installed the 10spd 11-40 on my Redux 1 which is all 8 speed with a JGBike 22mm Link extender, a KMC 10spd chain, and Microshift 10 speed R10 road levers. All works flawlessly on the 8 speed derailleur. Try using your old 8 or 9 speed derailleur if you ha
old-forester853 Review from
September 22, 2016
Good value for a specialty item
The options for finding a cassette with this range are very limited, and as a rule quite expensive, but this unit was relatively affordable with nice preparation and a quality and finish that were impressive for the cost. I was able to set up a custom 1x
whydoIneedanewoneeachtime Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
April 17, 2020
Even ratio spread, reasonable weight
I replaced an original almost worn out 11sp SRAM 42-11 tooth cassette with this Sunrace 36-11 after 17000km, as I wanted smaller jumps between gears, and almost never used the 42 tooth sprocket, so was able to save a bit of weight in the process. It works
kmancrx Review from
January 15, 2018
Great wide range cassette for the price
I am using this on a 1x11 cyclocross bike. I use different cassettes for different applications. I use a narrower range for racing and the wide range 11-42 for riding around town/gravel/trail riding. It shifts just as well as the "Big S'es" cassettes at a
DERRECK Review from
May 8, 2018
The Sunrace 12 speed cassette is excellent!!!
I bought the Sunrace 12 speed cassette in order to get a wider gear range that I didn’t have with my 11 speed Shimano set. Install was easy and I do recommend getting at least the SRAM GX 12 speed derailleur as the Shimano derailleur can’t run through the
Frank Review from
August 17, 2018
Upgraded from 11spd drivetrain.... (11-42 with 30 chainring). Using the 11-50 sunrace with sram xx1 34 chainring....i get slightly better climbing on the 50 and better high end on the 11. Range is great....and the eagle drivetrain is awesome. If i ever
asunsell Review from
July 21, 2018
Great replacement to Stam
I just set up 2 different bike with the SRAM eagle gx 1x12 and didnt have an XD hub. SunRace makes this cassette to work on a standard rear hub so anyone pretty much can have a 1x12 without having to replace their wheel. Shifting was great but takes a bit
Michael Review from
April 30, 2021
Great 12 Speed
Great price and great cassette. No issues with my install or ride. Looks great ok my bike. Would buy again.
daddycool-5300 Review from
February 18, 2017
Great gear range 11/46 11 speed
Great gear range 11/46, really good to have second cog at 40 teeth much better for me than the Shim 37 teeth second cog of the Shim 11 speed cassette as it"s a big jump in teeth. I used a Shimano 11 speed shifter XT M8000 and XT M8000 long cage derailleur
Rawtalent Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
December 7, 2019
Excellent product
Perfect, now have the gear range that was missing on my Specialized Epic, with an extra cog as well. Do not hesitate to consider this upgrade! Have had no issue with the smallest cog a nine tooth, in contrast to what I have seen some others report
land-accrue Review from
August 22, 2018
Excellent upgrade for 1x10 & don't forget the Goat Link
The widespread of gears work great with my 30 tooth cog and Shimano XT derailleur. I love that the entire cassette is made of steel for durability. The all black color looks great. Make sure to get the Wolftooth Goat Link for your Shimano Shadow Plus dera
john616636 Review from
March 29, 2017
Sunrace Success
Replaced an 11 - 34 Shimano with the Sunrace 11 - 42 when going 1 x 10. Once I'd got the derailleur in the right place the shifting was as good as I'd experienced with either Shimano or SRAM products. Done a few rides with it now and it works well and cle
0range5 Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
September 25, 2016
Great product, works better than an expander ring.
These are the best way to go wide range on 10 speed. However, if you want the shifting to be as good as with a regular cassette, get the OneUp Rad cage as well. These are not too difficult to fit & OneUp give great instructions, but if you don't totally t
radioflyer3 Review from
February 1, 2019
Nice gears at a low cost
Really great deal! I think the black paint will wear off quickly. Black cassettes are a total fad...but hey, it was cheaper than silver. This is a fairly light, equal quality cassette to Shimano or Sram at a much lower cost. I'm sure it'll last a good lon
oregondiecastmodels Review from
September 1, 2016
Good cassette, but not as good as Shimano M771
I bought one of these because the price is lower than the Shimano M771, and it seems like a good cassette when new. I haven't put many miles on it yet. But the carrier is made of steel and hard plastic, and only three rings are on the carrier. The Shimano
Objock Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
July 30, 2020
Fantastic value and quality
Replaced a Shimano cassette. Brilliant quality and lighter than the cassette it replaced. Lasted 4,000 km or so before there was noticeable wear.
Sebastian Review from
May 9, 2020
Amazingly compatible with all shimano 8-9v hubs. Got it for a 3x9 to 1x12 drivetrain upgrade. Smooth shifting and good compatibility with Shimano/SRAM 12v chain.
Exspliffit Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
November 21, 2019
Cassette that's not shimano/Sram
Got this to replace a shimano cassette and even though there is nothing wrong with the sunrace one, for me the gear ratio isn't as good as the shimano one. for £10 more, I will stick with the shimano.
aaroscarlat3 Review from
December 24, 2018
Good quality
Amazing for the price that it was. I have 32t chain ring on the front and runs great if you have the power for it. Would recommend having a 30t or smaller chain ring of the front with the 11-42t cassette on the back for other riders but other than that it
Beaka Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
August 17, 2018
Works as advertised
'Dinner plate' sized 10 speed works well. No complaints. I have one on my 2 x 10 bikepacker full rigid MTB, and this one now on my 1 x 10 dually. Easier solution than what I was doing previously - modifying a 11-34 with a single 40 or 44 big cog.
terrebonne_knives Review from
May 12, 2020
Sunrace cassettes- good quality and value
I have three sunrace cassettes, and they all work perfectly with both Shimano and Sram drivetrains. A quality cassette at a good price.
JEREMY Review from
October 1, 2018
Highly Recommend
Great looking cassette with the all black. It was also the range I was looking for with a great price. (11-42 10spd). I haven’t riden it yet but once I’m installed it on my hub I could tell how smooth and dialed it’s going to be. Highly recommend!
phil8384 Review from
December 6, 2017
Key part of rebuild
Built bike around a 40 year old dawes galaxy frame with mostly second hand parts, wanted 1 to 11 geartrain using a downtube friction shifter that would still give me the ratios I need in cornwall. This cassette gives me that option and works well. good pr
maxkeiser Review from
August 17, 2016
perfect for fat bike
Bodged a crank to place a 28 tooth chainring in center of this cassettes chainline. It covers 90% of my previous 2X setup, same low end gearing but missing the high (never used anyway). Game changer, I love that bike now. 50 upgrade but will sell replaced
Durabruce Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
June 30, 2017
Works well.
I have the CS version which is a little cheaper and ran it with 10 speed GX rear and shifter to covert a 3 X 9. The shifting is superb and fits the 9 speed MTB free hub perfectly. Works a treat and bomb proof. Radical chain line looks weird if not used to
england12310 Review from
November 4, 2021
Early days but gear changing is slick and smooth.
Excellent build quality.Wide range of gear sizes in a 10 speed cassette for an excellent price.
tpsurfncycle Review from
May 7, 2018
Great value
Shifts crisp and clean. Hard to detect a difference between this SunRace and the Shimano Alivio 11-32 I have on another bike. I've never worn out a cass, high-end or low-end. Usually only keep my bikes a year or so.
Happydude Review from
March 3, 2020
Killer deal for those that want a 12 speed cassette on a standard shimano hub. No need to change to microspline. The 11-50 tooth set up is plenty!
kiteboarder27 Review from
December 1, 2020
This and a B screw = best combo for the dollar
This and an extended B screw are all you need. Simply amazing.
migesad Review from
May 30, 2018
Beatifully built
Contruction is fawless, will be part of a 11 x 1 setup for a full suspension project I am building from scratch. The company that makes these is owned by Berck Arnley which manufactures car parts, they know precision manufacturing and this cassette is an
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