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Laboratory Equipment Parts

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  1. American 3B Scientific - From: U8521380 To: U9004674 - Plug-In Power Supply
  2. American 3B Scientific - From: U333082 To: U333112 - Npn Transistor
  3. Zeiss Microscope Condenser Front Lens 0.32X
  4. Sciton Profile Display Screen Control Panel Hinged Tilt/Rotate Base Mount
  5. Bovie Bv-0003042 System Two Parts & Accessories - Bulb (For S2 Halogen 20" Surgery Light)
  6. Clarity Diagnostics Urinalysis Dtg-Uappr
  7. Transformer With Rectifier 3/6/9/12 V, 3 A (115 V, 50/60 Hz) - Physics And Chemistry Lab Supplies And Equipment
  8. Microscope Part Polyvar Reichert Leica Iris Assembly
  9. New Navitar 1-6265 Zoom Microscope Tube
  10. Olympus Swhk10Xl Microscope Eyepiece
  11. Globe Scientific - From: 6264 To: 6268 - Centrifuge Tube
  12. Unico From: S-1200-505 To: S-1200-520 - Accessories: Halogen Bulb, 6V/ 10 Watt, G4 Pin (DROP SHIP ONLY) User Manual Dust Cover Service
  13. Unico From: S-1100-505 To: S-1100-521 - Accessories: Halogen Bulb, 6V/ 10 Watts, G4 Pin (DROP SHIP ONLY) Printer Paper, 3/pk User Manual
  14. Unico From: S-1100-206 To: S-1100-207 - Accessories: RS-232 Printer (Requires S-1100-207 Cable) (DROP SHIP ONLY) Cable For Use W/ Printer
  15. Unico From: S-1100-101 To: S-1100-115 - Accessories: Experiment Manual, Includes: Safety In The Lab, 10 Experiments & Instructor's Guide
  16. Unico From: MTR22 To: MTR22-3 - Multi-Purpose Mixer, W/ 2 Platforms, Universal Power Supply, 90-240V (DROP SHIP ONLY) Accessories
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Items 1-16 of 421

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