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Dishes And Plates

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  1. Simport Scientific From: T323-384SKB To: T323-384SKY - 384 Thin Walled PCR Plate Natural
  2. Simport Scientific From: T110-10 To: T110-100 - Deep Square Well Plate, Round Bottom, Natural, Polypropylene, 384-Deep Flat 120
  3. Simport Scientific From: D210-7 To: D210-8R - Petri Dish, Extra Loose Lid, Stacking Ring
  4. Simport Scientific From: D210-13 To: D210-18B - Petri Dish, 20/slv, 25 Slv/cs 8 Contact Pl
  5. American 3B Scientific From: W16178 To: W16180 - Petri Dishes, Mit Nocken
  6. Globe Scientific From: 120330 To: 120338 - 96-Well Plate, Flat Bottom, Non-Sterile, Individually Wrapped, Sterile
  7. Simport Scientific From: T323-96B To: T324-96SKW - 96 Thin Walled PCR Plate, Low Profile Natural
  8. Simport Scientific From: T110-7 To: T110-7Y - 384-Deep Well Plate, Round Bottom, 400ul Capacity, Natural
  9. Simport Scientific From: T110-3 To: T110-200Y - 384-Deep Well Plate, Round Bottom, 200ul Capacity, Natural, Well Y
  10. C&A Scientific From: SS-01 To: TY-MINI - My First Lab
  11. C&A Scientific From: SD-05 To: SD-30 - Stain Dish, Coplin Jar Rectangular Glass, For 20pc Rack 30pc
  12. Globe Scientific - 8306 - Aluminum Dish, Crimped Side With Tab
  13. Globe Scientific - 120030 - Microtest Plate, 96-well, U-bottom, Ps
  14. Simport Scientific - T110-2 - Deep Well Plate, Conical Bottom, 600ul (removable tube strips), Polypropylene
  15. Globe Scientific From: 3620 To: 3622 - Weighing Dish
  16. Maine Manufacturing - 10486044 - Microplate Indexer, 96 Wells
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