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TIDI Products From: 980980 To: 980984 - Absorbent Laboratory Countertop Paper, DRC, Pebble Embossed, Rolls

TIDI Products:
980980 - 980984
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Lab Countertop Barriers Thick and absorbent Double Re-Crepe (DRC) rolls and sheets Pebble-embossed for added cushioning Poly-backed for fluid holdout
TIDI Ultimate Lab/Counter Sheets White Nonwoven/Poly Pebble 12in x 20in 600 per Case
More Information
Manufacturer TIDI Products
Categories Countertop Paper, Lab Equipment
Code 980980 - 980984
Require Prescription? No
Store Acculab Supplies|Stomabags|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
39 Review
superdad Review from
June 7, 2021
Ok but......
Well, I got these due to all the great reviews. Self sealing lamination are all a pain to do. I got the full size 8x10 self seal and it sucked. Like 4-6 came out good and you gotta be perfect and precise as it's a one time use. If you try and peel it off, you'll ruin the paper of course. Now I got these for my kids old school Id cards to keep as a memory. An although I used the "non stick side" on the front of the card and leaves no bubbles or crease whatsoever..... the back is full of bubbles and the edges is extremely hard to make it bubble free or crease free... it's a simple size ID card a
KateT Review from
December 31, 2019
Love the ease and quality!
I used the letter-sized laminating pouches to protect some game pieces that I printed. I have a heat laminator but these were easier because I had many small pieces and I used the sticky side to place them instead of fighting to keep them in place before feeding into the laminator. I decided not to leave a clear laminated margin around the pieces which meant the non-sticky side came off but I was happy with the clarity of the sticky side on my pieces. If I wanted to laminate the back, I could have used another pouch's sticky page for the back before cutting them out. I'm going to use another p
Diva Diane Review from
January 11, 2020
Seal it like a pro!
The Scotch Self-Seal Laminating Pouches work great! I love that the package had a perforated tear line, to make it easy to use. And although I had a bit of trouble understanding the directions at first, it was easy to laminate my letter-size document. These pouches are great for preserving and protecting important documents. You could also create a placement out of your child's artwork. You can also laminate several smaller items at once and then trim the laminate around them. Just don't trim too closely! Overall, I think this product is great! I hope to use these pouches in future craft proje
graceie5 Review from
December 28, 2019
Good if you don't have traditional laminator
I received this product from 3M in exchange for an honest review. These plastic pages work good as protection for those special children's projects, or medical cards that you want to keep protected. Just put the items between the pages and make sure to use the anti bubble press to make sure your project comes out clean. With these larger pages, you can cut them down to laminate business cards or if your child makes homemade puzzles, you can laminate some very tiny items and cut them out. I do have to say that I prefer my larger heat activated plug in laminator. The pages come out crisper and s
LeslieB Review from
March 30, 2020
Outstanding Product... Really Works Well
Excellent product! Highly recommend. I also recommend doing a test page first to get the feel of it before you laminate what you actually want to laminate. It's very sticky and holds perfectly. You can also use if for smaller sized photos or other "papers" you need to laminate because you can cut about an eighth of an inch around it and it works great... that's what I did.
Laura Review from
August 22, 2020
Easy photo, business card or document protection.
For small, wallet sized items, this lamination kit is very easy to use. Easy to use, simply cut the item to fit within the lamination making sure at least 1/4-inch of the edge will be lamination on lamination. In other words, the object being laminated needs to be smaller than the dimensions of the lamination pouch so it seals the item properly on all four sides. Then, remove the paper insert that protects the sticky side, and complete the seal by squeezing the two sides together from one end to the other.
Satinlady Review from
April 16, 2020
Laminate to keep your items clean and dry
I received these laminating pouches for free from 3M to review them. They are awesome! I used to own and printing company and we had a huge laminator that I used quite often. It was one item that I missed after selling the company. It's so nice to keep things clean and dry and to prevent them get wrinkled or torn. These are the perfect size and there's no need for a costly machine!
Sue52 Review from
January 9, 2020
Great Product
I received Scotch Self-Seal Laminating Pouches to evaluate. Opinions are 100% my own. These pouches are a great idea. They are easy to use as the instructions on each sheet are clear and well written. These are great for letter size documents or smaller. I was able to use them for some id cards and documents. I would have loved these when my kids were younger - it would have been a much easier way to preserve their artwork projects and certificates. I recommend this self-seal laminating pouches if you need to protect documents, projects or even photos.
Nancy Review from
May 10, 2020
I have enjoyed the Scotch Self Sealing Laminating sheets for a while. I clip newspaper articles from newspapers to keep and they stay great through time. Sometime I only need small amounts and you can cut any size you need and you do not waste . I sometime clip articles for friends and they are always happy to get them. I really enjoy this product and hope WalMart will continue to make this product available. Thanks.
Review from
September 19, 2021
Easy no mess collages for the very young
These make no mess toddler collages that stay lovely forever. Give the toddler small cotton balls, pieces of foil, and bits of brightly colored paper to drop on the sticky surface. Seal and attach string for hanging, or frame them.
L Enright Review from
April 17, 2021
Scotch Self Laminating Sheets
I love the self-seal laminating pouches. They are very easy to use. Place your article where the marks are. Peel, stick, done. It looks professionally done and is permanent.
HollVoll Review from
December 18, 2019
Super Product
I received the product free from 3M to evaluate. I was excited to try this product. I own a Scotch Laminator, but sometimes I don't feel like getting it out to laminate one page. These are a great solution. They are easy to use, BUT you need to read the instructions all they way through before you start AND don't be in a hurry. I laminated 4 sheets of cardstock. 3 were pefect. On the one that wasn't, I got in a hurry and there were a lot of wrinkles. That was my fault. Make sure you use a flat edge to smooth wrinkles as you go (as stated in the instructions). I love these!
Cknight73 Review from
December 3, 2020
Great quality!
These work really great for wallet photos or laminating something in my wallet, I laminated my social security card to protect it. Originally, I purchased these to laminate to wallet photos for my son. They seal wonderfully and they are trimmable. There's no air pockets or anything, it looks really great! Great quality!
GARY Review from
December 25, 2020
Good Laminate for Cards
Bought these as I dont need to laminate cards very often so it didnt make sense to buy a machine. Follow the directions and its very easy to laminate a card. Make sure your scissors are sharp when you trim the sides and it will be much easier. Highly recommend these if you only need to occasionally laminate a card.
mkirse Review from
January 30, 2018
I LOVE these things!
Wow, I never rate products, but I looked at all the bad ratings on this one and I can't believe it! I've used these for years and LOVE them! I won't use anything else. They are much stiffer than other brands and they're completely clear. I just peel off the yellow strip and lay my paper face down on the non sticky sheet. Peel off the stick and roll it onto my paper. My husband bought some other brand and they were so awful that I sent them back. I hope the bad ratings don't cause Scotch to change these things in any way because they're the bomb!
Old School Uptown Review from
November 13, 2021
Self-Seal Laminate
Very good if you want a stiff result. Does not adhere to the product, only itself. Cutting is challenging. Will need to determine effectiveness or durability as finished product is used.
Heykid1030 Review from
February 4, 2020
Love the paper size
I received this product from 3M/Scotch to use and review. I am really impressed with these pouches. The first time I tried there was a small bubble. After reviewing the instructions again, the second one came out perfect. Love that heat is not needed and pouch is heavy. I have already purchased more of the Scotch Self Seal Laminating Pouches to uses one some old recipes.
Wilbur Review from
October 28, 2021
Charles S
Was not sure if this would work when I ordered it. Followed the instructions, sealed it and trimmed it to fit in my wallet slot. It now fits nicely in the slot and looks professionally done. Voila! it worked
Oawalden Review from
February 7, 2020
Great product
I love this product. Very easy to use. Simple instructions. Exactly what I needed to get the job done. My husband had a certificate he needed to carry for his work but it was just paper. This laminate worked perfectly. Now he doesnt have to worry about keeping it clean and dry, the laminate does it for him. I received this item free for my opinion and review of it.
Zachery Review from
April 14, 2021
Awesome! Can be trimmed no problemo
These were awesome! And just for the record, if the paper youre laminating is even smaller than 4x6, you can trim the excess after laminating it by using a ruler and a sharp hobby/xacto knife
Fangster987 Review from
May 19, 2019
Just what I needed
Not an employee of Scotch and the instructions are clear enough. I needed to laminate cards put onto magnets and it works perfectly. Don't know what punch the under 3 stars are drinking. It says Single Sided on the package. Maybe they need to buy the full laminating pack. The instructions are simple, it's for a full sheet if that's what you need, top layer protection. Definitely buying stock loads of this product.
SHIRLEY Review from
June 3, 2020
Scothch Non-Glare SelfLaminating Pouches
We use these a lot in our auction business. It is amazing how well they survive the many times they are in & out of our drawers, giving everyone direction, time of an event & etc. They last for many years & we use them at least 52-60 times per year. Thanks for a wonderful product.
SHIRLEY Review from
June 3, 2020
Scothch Non-Glare SelfLaminating Pouches
We use these a lot in our auction business. It is amazing how well they survive the many times they are in & out of our drawers, giving everyone direction, time of an event & etc. They last for many years & we use them at least 52-60 times per year. Thanks for a wonderful product.
Deonna Review from
December 27, 2019
Great product!
I received this product free from 3M to give my honest opinion. Honestly I love it. I have a small home bakery and these are going to be awesome for my recipes! Much better than other things I have tried. Flour or sugar always gets into the opening THIS product is going to seal the recipe for easy cleaning. Also a great product for moms to save their kiddos art projects.
ennicajr Review from
December 27, 2019
Works Great
This is a great product that works as described. It sealed perfectly and left no bubbles like some do. It gave great instructions with each sheet so I never had to guess how to align it correctly. It sealed strong and kept my document safe and secure. It was easy to use and is a strong and durable product, I will definitely buy this product in the future and I recommend to others. I love this product.
CCN69 Review from
December 23, 2019
I received this 3M product free to evaluate and it is so cool! I love it, it's so easy to use and handy for so many things - especially work! I usually put charts/graphs, instructions, maps, etc. in sheet protectors but now I can laminate them without a machine and make my work look so much more professional! I'm sure I will find many other uses for it around the house - recipes, crafts, etc. Looking forward to trying it on everything!
MILTON Review from
August 10, 2021
Scotch Self-Sealing Laminating Pouches
They work great. I used them to laminate my membership cards for the veterans organizations for which I'm a member. They're a little on the expensive side, but they work well.
" Review from
August 30, 2019
Love the product, but not Staples' price.
The product is great I prefer these laminating sheets to any other, as one side is thick plastic, so the finished laminated product is rather study and crease/fold resistant. However, although the photo shows a package with 25 pouches in it, there are only 10. That would be fine, IF they were not charging basically the same price as 25 pouches cost online. So, as I said, Love the product, but not Staples price.
mrsquick06 Review from
December 19, 2019
So easy!
I received the Self-Sealing Laminating Pouches free from 3M and am sorry I did not know about the product sooner. I laminated a few pieces of my daughter's artwork (colored chalk & pastel) and was amazed by how easy the product was too use, even by a craft-challenged person like myself -- no fuss, no wrinkles. I intend to purchase more to preserve certificates and other elementary school keepsakes. This is such a better route than the clear page protectors I have used in the past.
beemom Review from
December 29, 2019
Laminating Pouches Work Well
I was given a free package of this product for my honest review. I recently used a similar brand to make bookmarks. The Scotch brand out performed those. They have a tight seal and I would compare them to using a laminating machine. You do have a bit of a learning curve getting things placed correctly but very happy not to have little bubbles in my final product.
tbjorkl Review from
December 20, 2019
Great for preserving recipes
I was given this sample by 3M and I'm so glad I could try it out! I used this product to laminate my tried and true recipes in order to make a book of them. I also used it to laminate the tv channel listing. The uses for these pouches are endless! They were easy to use and appear to be of high quality. I will definitely buy these in the future and would recommend them fully!
Jae Review from
March 21, 2021
Very study and Easy to use!
These self-sealing laminating pouches are so easy to use and very sturdy! I use them for shipping labels that do not have adhesive so they so not get torn. I would highly recommend these!
pugsnrottie Review from
January 3, 2020
I received a free sample of Scotch Self-Sealing Laminating Pouches from 3M to review. These are self-sealing laminating sheets - no laminating machine needed. Just line up your 8 x 10 photo with the guidelines and peel off the sheet with the adhesive. I find that it's easy to apply and use an old gift card to push out bubbles along the way. The sheets protect your important documents - great for often used recipes.
HippieGirl Review from
October 26, 2017
I make my own body care products and I print my own labels to save on mine and my clients cost. I had to buy the higher end labels to keep the ink from running or I would have to use packaging tape to form a seal to the label. Which was adding to my cost and my time. Now I can buy the lower priced labels and put the laminating sheet over them and it works like a charm. This has made my life so much simpler. It was so quick and easy. It was easy to use and what usually takes me an 30minutes to carefully "tape" one sheet of labels took 2 minutes.
Nicole Review from
January 3, 2020
Could not be easier!
I was skeptical of these self-laminating pouches, but after using them, very pleased. I have used some of the crafting industry's non-heat laminating machines and been very pleased. But in recent years, the industry is moving to heat laminating, making the refill cartridges harder to find. I was so pleased to find this 3M product, so that when I have run out of my refills, I will have an excellent replacement for crafting.
goletian Review from
Office Depot
July 4, 2018
Easy heat-free lamination
These laminating kits seem to be getting hard to find on the store shelves. That's a shame, because it seems to me that a hot laminating machine is overkill for an occasional home job. Anyway, these use room temperature adhesive sleeves and don't require the use of a machine. They are asy to use and crystal clear. Perfect to protect a wallet size picture or business card. Highly recommended.
Taylor M Review from
January 1, 2019
Works, but not intuitive.
As many folks have already stated, the instructions are not clear at all. If I had to guess, they were originally written in Chinese and then poorly translated. Regardless, I eventually figured out what to do. It served its purpose, looks nice, and even works well with dry erase markers! Make sure you have a straight edge cutter (or careful scissor hand) to remove unwanted adhesive ends.
BeepBoop Review from
December 15, 2020
These are great!
These are wonderful. I made the mistake of purchasing the completely impractical single-sided laminating sheets instead of these pouches. Get these. They are easy to use and work well.
cjb Review from
December 26, 2013
I would buy this product again
I bought this product for use in the Grand-daughter's Christmas project. She was making book-marks for everyone in the family; using wildflowers that she had picked and pressed herself this past Summer. This self laminating product was perfect for the book-marks she made as gifts. It was thick enough to be stiff/stable so that the flowers were not broken up/destroyed, or compromised in any way. This product was fairly easy to work with, also. The book-marks turned out fabulous...everybody loved them. I would, indeed, purchase this product again. My only negative about this product is it's cost
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